National Security Policy

COPAIR provides comprehensive research/analysis and policy recommendations to the decision makers of Pakistan for protecting the national interest of the country and up keeping its sovereignty. The Center works on the principles of inclusivity and integration of all stakeholders and act as a platform for dialogue to enhance deterrence and security apparatus of Pakistan. 

Our vision is to play a role in creating a safe environment where life, property, civil liberties and socioeconomic rights of the citizens are protected and the people of Pakistan are able to live and prosper in harmony, freedom, respect and dignity as enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan.

In the field of National Security Policy, COPAIR focuses on military and non-military security:

  1. Military Modernization
  2. Economic Security
  3. Energy Security
  4. Environmental Security
  5. Protecting the Human Rights
  6. Diplomatic Maneuvering
  7. Power Projection

National cohesion

In order to imbibe the national cohesion in the younger generation of the Pakistan, the role of students, political and religious leaders are imperative. Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) organizes conferences, dialogues and interactive sessions that assist in realizing the sense of kinship and belonging to Pakistan.

Pakistan, a sovereign ideological state is a melting pot of multiple ethnicities, cultures and languages, and ranked among largest refugee-hosting and charitable countries in the world. A country of more than 22 million population possess political, ethnic and religious differences among different segments of society, which is giving birth to a heterogeneous society and compromising the citizen’s sense of belonging to a single and unified nation. Thereby, to address the cause of nation-building, sense of collective identity must be cemented to evade clash of identities of sub-groups present in Pakistan.

youth economic empowerment

Youth, being a national asset and valuable resource, needs to be honed through education, empowerment and engagement for harnessing them into a tremendous force for sustainable social change; and the energies and talents of the youth could be channelled into achieving sustainable, grassroots-level socio-economic development.

Youth engagement is the result where young people become involved in constructive, demanding acts that bring about meaningful social change. Thus, Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) encourage meaningful youth participation in planning and decision-making process is of greater significance for society.


COPAIR organizes international conferences on the subject of Kashmir conundrum with a mission to call attention of global community towards the illegality of Indian military presence in Occupied Kashmir and to stimulate the implementation of UN-advocated solutions in Jammu and Kashmir. COPAIR is privilege to have Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudahry (Former PM AJK) onboard as a Special Advisors on Kashmir affairs. We invite eminent members of diplomatic community, politicians, international lawyers, policy-advisors, academics and member of international organizations to reflect over the recent developments in IOK and strengthen the resolve of marginalized Kashmiri population.

COPAIR echoes aloud against the illegal occupation and state terrorism of Indian Armed Forces in IOK, which is why the organization is planning to organize and international conference on the subject. Beside this, highlighting the plight of innocent Kashmiris remained zenith of our widely circulated ‘Mélange International Magazine’.


Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) also works on the policymaking and institutional framework building of the Gemstone industry of Pakistan. We strive to enhance the country’s export base, especially in the field of rare commodities. Currently, Pakistan is collaborating with Canadian and European partners to extract and ship the rare resource to the international markets, mostly comprising of Ruby and Emerald gems.