The establishment of Center of Artificial Intelligence (CAI) by the Center of Pakistan and
International Relations (COPAIR) is in line with the Pakistan‘s Vision 2025 which aims to turn
the country into a tech-based economy. CAI aims to establish the incubation centers, facilitate
researches, and provide material support to the IT startups centered on development of nascent
technologies like AI in Pakistan. With our wide network of AI experts and eminent policy
makers, we seek to harness the potential of emerging technologies and act as the harbinger in the
domain of AI in Pakistan.

2. Startup pakistan

Startup Pakistan is an initiative of Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) to build a platform for fostering the local startups and entrepreneurial activities in the country. Startup Pakistan seeks to empower the young entrepreneurs through: 

  • Organizing dialogues for the policymaking 
  • Showcasing the potential startups of Pakistani youngsters at national and international forums
  • Exploring, training and mentoring the young entrepreneurs 
  • To establish a wide network of the investors, mentors and trainers, and connect the corporate sectors to skilled pool of resources

3. hum sab ka pakistan

“Hum Sub Ka Pakistan” is a social initiative of COPAIR, started with a mission to imbibe the spirit of national cohesion and unity in the youth and transform them into a demographic dividend for Pakistan. The project features the creation of a synergy between the national development and productive engagement of the youth bulge of Pakistan by using the contemporary media for harmonization. The ambit of this initiative is to forge a progressive national narrative of Pakistan fostered by its younger population, which will reinvigorate their sense of belonging to the motherland Pakistan. The project is a manifestation of COPAIR’s vision of a progressive Pakistan and the organization is determined to provide platforms for the productive engagement of youngsters in emerging grounds and add in the campaign of nation building.

4. e-women

E- Women, is an initiative of COPAIR with a goal to work on reducing the digital divide by linking rural women products to the national and international market. E-Women is a guideline and implementation program to work on gender equality by providing online legal assistance and economic empowerment to women by starting their business using ICT tools. E-Health supports women in health-related consultancies and E Peace is a forum to raise the voice for violence against women. The basic concept behind this initiative is to work on women economic empowerment so that women can contribute to the country’s economy while realizing basic human rights.

5. kashmir ruby and sawat emerald

6. pakistan sdgs

7. peace & Interfaith harmony

Peace is the only way to conquer hearts and minds especially when it comes to interfaith harmony particularly in a milieu of religious pluralism. Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) furthers the idea of interfaith and intra-faith harmony at national and global level through dialogues and organizing activities which strengthens the national identity and remove prejudices that give rise to hatred and conflict.