Hum Sab Ka Pakistan


“Hum Sub Ka Pakistan” is a social initiative of COPAIR, started with a mission to imbibe the spirit of national cohesion and unity in the youth and transform them into a demographic dividend for Pakistan. The project features the creation of a synergy between the national development and productive engagement of the youth bulge of Pakistan by using the contemporary media for harmonization. The ambit of this initiative is to forge a progressive national narrative of Pakistan fostered by its younger population, which will reinvigorate their sense of belonging to the motherland Pakistan. The project is a manifestation of COPAIR’s vision of a progressive Pakistan and the organization is determined to provide platforms for the productive engagement of youngsters in emerging grounds and add in the campaign of nation building.

The President of COPAIR, Amna Malik envisages the idea of “Hum Sub Ka Pakistan” as a channel of instilling harmony and tolerance in the Pakistani youth, which will act as agents of change, changing the outlook of whole nation. Pakistan is a melting pot of multiple ethnicities, languages and cultures, and the agenda of the project take account of the restraining the ethnic stereotypes, sectarian differences through mainstreaming the national narrative of Pakistan.