Startup Pakistan

Startup Pakistan

Startup Pakistan is an initiative of Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) to build a platform for fostering the local startups and entrepreneurial activities in the country. Startup Pakistan seeks to empower the young entrepreneurs through: 

  • Organizing dialogues for the policymaking 
  • Showcasing the potential startups of Pakistani youngsters at national and international forums
  • Exploring, training and mentoring the young entrepreneurs 
  • To establish a wide network of the investors, mentors and trainers, and connect the corporate sectors to skilled pool of resources

Startup Pakistan policy dialogue

Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) also held a Policy Dialogue on Startup Pakistan with the collaboration of Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) Pakistan is Pakistan Chapter of Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) USA, which operates a platform of projects and programs in 170 countries aimed at making it easier for anyone, anywhere to start and scale a business.

StartUp Pakistan Policy Dialogue is a forum to bring government, corporates, businesses, SMEs, academia, non-profits and other entrepreneurship ecosystem stakeholders to one platform to discuss policy matters which pertain to startups and entrepreneurship.

This is a series of policy dialogues, which are held on regular basis. The discussions held during these dialogues are documented in the form of policy recommendations papers, white papers, reports, infographics and video graphics.

The dialogue partners at this initiative, among the foreign investors form UK and US were:

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Startup Pakistan angel investment fund

StartUp Pakistan Angel Investment Fund connects the young entrepreneurs of Pakistan with a pool of international investors and fund managers who find and identify potential areas of investments in technology sector and help startups with seed fund. The startups are selected based on predefined criteria based on the expertise of fund managers of tech sector including Silicon Valley and the innovation hubs of Europe.

The fund also have the following in its portfolio:

i) A Virtual Incubator

The Virtual Incubator, as clear by its name, acts as an online platform for the facilitation of the early stage startups which connects them to skilled community and its international network of partners based all over the world. Business leaders and trainers of StartUp Pakistan regularly conduct trainings, and different entrepreneurial learning activities, network building through organizing meetups, and facilitating company growth.

ii) A Virtual Accelerator

The virtual accelerator is an extension of StartUp Pakistan which facilitates virtual team collaboration. It is a program where StartUp Pakistan selects  newcomers in the industry (more than 1 year old companies) for this virtual accelerator to foster their sustainable and rapid growth, such as connecting them to our wide network of partners based all over the world.

iii) A Network of Donors for Venture Capital Investment

StartUp Pakistan is a significant part of a big network of international investors and venture capitalists, which are always on a hunt for high potential startups especially in emerging markets. These investors and venture capitalists have already invested millions of dollars in Pakistan and other Asian markets and provided capital support to startups for scaling up their productivity and enhance their technical side and customer satisfaction.

Research development and publications

Research and Development, along with the publications of special reports, policy papers etc. are directed to build up an ecosystem of enterpreures in Pakistan and support them through awaring of the modern trends of markets and global business forecasts. The R&D and Publications project publishes research in the form of articles, white papers, reports, videos and infographics. This research is done by highly qualified researchers and data analysts of Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) and follows international good practices and research methodologies.This research is also published in internationally acclaimed publications supported by COPAIR and its affiliated organizations.

pitch competitions

StartUp Pakistan also organizes Pitch Competition for Startups and SME’s. The Startups selection is based on the international business practices and quality of pitch, along with the immaculacy of their technical and financial proposals. 

The grand finale of the business plan competition was held in November 2019 where the winning teams were offered lucrative incentives by StartUp Pakistan. The participating startups also become part of a global directory of startups and scale ups, which in turn, will open new opportunities of collaboration with global startup ecosystem.

startup pakistan tv

StartUp Pakistan TV creates and publishes content about successful startups and SMEs of Pakistan who have generated good revenues and created big number of direct and indirect jobs for youth and women. The content of StartUp Pakistan TV is developed and broadcast by an expert team of content writers, editors, producers and anchors.

StartUp Pakistan TV programs are developed, run and managed by a young team of digital media specialists, which in turn creates many jobs for the youngsters of Pakistan. Some of these team members, while working an entrepreneurial environment, come up with own ideas and become entrepreneurs themselves.

The resourcefulness of Startup Pakistan is that we offer a bunch of diverse programs for exploring, training, mentoring and guiding the young entrepreneurs. Our focus is to harness the modern technology and youth potential of Pakistan for the betterment of country and in order to do so; we conduct online training programs and startup competitions, provide angel fundings through potential investors, organize startup expos and connect corporate sectors to skilled pool of resources. Startup Pakistan showcase the determination of young business leaders and provide them an opportunity to connect with like-minded people.