National Cohesion


In order to imbibe the national cohesion in the younger generation of the Pakistan, the role of students, political and religious leaders are imperative. Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) organizes conferences, dialogues and interactive sessions that assist in realizing the sense of kinship and belonging to Pakistan.

Pakistan, a sovereign ideological state is a melting pot of multiple ethnicities, cultures and languages, and ranked among largest refugee-hosting and charitable countries in the world. A country of more than 22 million population possess political, ethnic and religious differences among different segments of society, which is giving birth to a heterogeneous society and compromising the citizen’s sense of belonging to a single and unified nation. Thereby, to address the cause of nation-building, sense of collective identity must be cemented to evade clash of identities of sub-groups present in Pakistan.

This comprehensive approach of nation-building, is an analytical tool to identify the gaps between sub-groups of society and to adopt an integrative ideology. A nation-wide assimilation encompassing geographic connectivity, economic incorporation and political stability. It also presupposes a functioning infrastructure and intellectual discourse of “national” scale. Objective is to resolve these issues and to forge an integrated ideology that bridge the gap and integrate the subgroups of the inhabitants of a country into one society.

Focused Areas:

  • Economic aspect
  • Lack of Quality Education and three-tiered educational system
  • Adaptation of Western Values
  • Superiority /Inferiority Complex, status-quo
  • Corruption
  • Extremism/Terrorism
  • Lack of Collective Thinking