Women Empowerment Using ICT


In order to bring a perpetual change in the livelihood of rural women of Pakistan, which have limited access to resources and public spheres due to socio-cultural restrictions, Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) advocates the policy to empower Pakistani women through harnessing the potential of Information communication and technology (ICT). Women suffer from severe discrimination due to a lack of access to information while ICT can act as a potential tool that can reach rural women and enrich their knowledge, redefine and revolutionize the way they live and work. 

This policy advocacy program of COPAIR also complements the UN 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.


E-Women, is an initiative of COPAIR with a goal to work on reducing the digital divide by linking rural women products to the national and international market. E-Women is a guideline and implementation program to work on gender equality by providing online legal assistance and economic empowerment to women by starting their business using ICT tools. E-Health supports women in health-related consultancies and E-Peace is a forum to raise the voice for violence against women. The basic concept behind this initiative is to work on women economic empowerment so that women can contribute to the country’s economy while realizing basic human rights.

Other programs:

  • Women and Peace Program
  • Violence against Women
  • Women Economic Empowerment and Facilitating Home Based Workers

Gender Inclusive Policy

COPAIR aims to harness the potential of technology, especially the internet and its platform of E-Women to educate the women in far-flanged areas of the country who have cultural and religious restraints on them. It also provides them a platform for earning a decent living and selling their homemade products and services to the online community. E-commerce has immense potential for the amelioration of the condition of other gender and COPAIR is ambitious to lead the inclusive policymaking process of Pakistan being a non-governmental stakeholder of the Pakistani community. 

ICT technologies are powerful tools for women if used to overcome discrimination, achieve socio-economic parity and harness the tech to put an end to the prolonged violence women are facing in our societies. COPAIR aims to promote the policy of application of ICT for empowering the women in all aspects.

International Collaborations

Amna Malik the President COPAIR and the women behind E-Women with Minister of Gender of South Korea on the International launch of Empowering Women through ICT at Seoul South Korea Amna Malik at the UN Forum shared her case study that how women can contribute in the economy of any country by doing business using ICT.