Youth Economic Empowerment


Great progress could be achieved in today’s world by inspiring and involving the youth of a nation. Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) encourage meaningful youth participation in planning and decision-making process is of greater significance for society because youth engagement is young people become involved in constructive, demanding acts that bring about meaningful social change. If young adults are not actively engaged in vital social functions in a given society, then they may be disruptive and ultimately detrimental to culture. In the field of community growth ‘youth engagement’ is one of the buzzwords, directly linked to the notion of governance and policymaking with a youth voice, youth involvement, community interest, and literacy. Youth engagement is the result where young people become involved in constructive, demanding acts that bring about meaningful social change. Thus, meaningful youth participation in planning and decision-making process is of greater significance for society than the understanding of our resourceful youth. In fact, the youth-adult relationships are needed to be organized in our society in such a manner that all participants contribute, educate and benefit from one another.


There are several things that politicians and visionary leaders of the country need to discuss regarding our youth, their growth, and their potential to lead the country into new realms of success. By book, any individuals belonging to an age-cohort of 15 to 29 years comprise of country’s youth bulge according to country’s National Youth Policy of the year 2009. As per this definition, approximately two-thirds of Pakistan’s population belong to this very age cohort and currently, its ratio is largest in history as identified by UNDP. Planning Commission highlighted the fact that youngsters entering the national workforce accounts for less than 5 per cent annually but there is a burgeoning gap between the demand and supply of human resource for socio-economic development of the country. Youth, being a national asset and valuable resource, needs to be honed through education, empowerment and engagement for harnessing them into a tremendous force for sustainable social change; and the energies and talents of the youth could be channelled into achieving sustainable, grassroots-level socio-economic development.


Youth matter to the economy, and for case in point, the Pakistan, debate is much proximate due to humungous volume of youth, which is talented enough to act as forerunners of country’s economy in this ongoing technological revolution, and adults are responsible for teaching what they have experienced over the period of time. There are several initiatives of COPAIR focusing on the youth development in the field of economy and finance, such as StartUp Pakistan and Youth Dialouge and promotion of volunteerism in Pakistani youngsters.

 COPAIR believes that in order to sustain and grow economic engagement, focus should be the services industry, which makes up the largest chunk of Pakistan’s national income. Different projects of COPAIR are also focused on imbibing a culture of entrepreneurship in our youngsters, along with their moral development and promotion of tolerance and peace in the society. 

Economic engagement is all about innovation, production, entrepreneurship, distribution, consumption, assessment, regeneration, and more. Youth can be engaged in lopsided ways, focusing too much on one area or another instead of the whole picture. Economies have to be successful in order to ensure sustained national existence. The issue of youth engagement in the economy is something that affects businesses, philanthropies, nonprofits, schools and governments; for sure, it is also about families, neighborhoods, the judicial system, and many others.


COPAIR envisions a progressive Pakistan through the skill development of our young ones and it is possible through provision of platforms for the productive engagement of youngsters in emerging fields. We believe in the skill development of our youth, according to the need of modern times, which in turn will add in the national economic development and prepare our youngsters to compete in the international job market. 

Following are few of those programs;







Youth does not fail a system but the system fails the youth, therefore it is essential to empower and engage them in activities that furnish them as the leaders of tomorrow. It is up to a nation that how they mold their youth bulge and render them as torchbearers.